Bawang para sa Aswang


There are many uses of garlic. Cooking is one of them because it is used for flavoring in cooking. Garlic is an herb that is grown and used around the world. Some people say that garlic came from Siberia 5000 years ago but spread to other parts of the world later on.

But in Filipino culture, why is that bawang is used to fight to aswang? It is a very hard time to comprehend why a vampire can be repelled away to such a herb. Just throw some garlic in a vampires face and it will go running for its life.

The very main reason why a vampire fear garlic is because of its strong smell and vampires won’t suck blood that contains antibacterial that comes from garlic.

Although vampires are mythological creatures, it is very unlikely that a creature would be afraid at the sight of a garlic.

The use of garlic to keep off evil is known in some parts of the world. Not only known for cooking but also as a charm against evil spirits. Places such as China or Malaysia, people put garlic on their foreheads to protect them from vampires. Even in the West Indies too, garlic is commonly used as a means of fortification against the evil practices and magical spells of Witches and Sorcerers.

Garlic was used also in churches in ceremonies to keep off evil spirits. Vampires are associated with evil spirits and it is the reason why they are kept away by garlic.

Again, this doesn’t mean that there is proof that rationalizes this thing or we should ignore these kinds of things. Historically, garlic is a major way to keep off anything associated will evil spirits especially vampires.

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